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    I'm a science and copy editor, and I want to make your manuscript the best it can possibly be! I look at editing as a teaching experience and work with you so that you understand every suggestion I make. No matter what, you are still the author!


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  • Services

    Whether you have a manuscript, an article, an essay, or a thesis, no matter how much or how little work it needs, send it my way! Write something else? Want different services? Contact me!

    Science editing

    Are you trying to decode the latest article in Nature Neuroscience? Maybe you've been writing about a new genome editing technology and want to make sure you got it right. Or maybe you've written about integrating psychology studies into educational practices. My focuses are neuroscience, human health and physiology, molecular/cellular biology, genetics, and animal studies, but contact me to see if I might be the right editor for the job!

    Line and copy editing

    Done with a first draft, or a second draft? Need someone to check for word choice, grammar, redundancy, and clarity? I work quickly and respect your authorial voice and style so your work can be clean, tight, and within word limits.

    Proofreading and indexing

    Last minute checks? Ready to go to print, but just want one more pair of eyes? Don't feel like indexing or double-checking your references? I can do these tasks for you so that you can send you manuscript off with peace of mind.

    Manuscript evaluation and sensitivity reads

    Have you written a novel, a memoir, or some other kind of manuscript? Maybe you need an unbiased opinion on the pacing, plot development, character arcs, and overall story. As a writer, I understand exactly the type of feedback needed from a workshop at any stage of a story, and can work with you to shape your manuscript for querying. I also do sensitivity reads about a variety of topics; please contact me to chat more.

  • Select Projects

    From manuscripts to articles, cover letters to statements of purpose, if you are looking for an editor that respects your style, I'm your person.

    Food Fight: GMOs and the Future of America's Diet

    Mckay Jenkins, University of Deleware

    Content, copy, and science editing; select chapters. Published in Avery in 2017, available on Amazon.

    Addressing Challenging Behaviors and Mental Health Issues in Early Childhood

    Mojdeh Bayat, DePaul University

    Content and copy editing, indexing, chapter organization; manuscript. Published by Rutledge in 2015, available on Amazon.

    Teaching Exceptional Children: Foundations and Best Practices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education Classrooms

    Mojdeh Bayat, DePaul University

    Content and copy editing, indexing, reference formatting, proofreading; manuscript.


    Second edition now available from Rutledge.

  • Teaching

    "It's obvious that [they] spend time preparing... are knowledgable and engaging, and are a strong teacher who care about doing a good job. Respect and interact with students well... [Their] excitement about biology is palpable. Want students to do well... [Their] attitude is [their] strength." - DePaul University, Department of Biological Sciences


    "Naseem is an exquisitely gifted editor, with whom I worked on a long and complex book manuscript. ... [They] performed with absolute diligence and professionalism, and I would work with [them] again without hesitation. I recommend [them] with genuine enthusiasm and without reservation. [They're] a fabulous colleague." - Mckay Jenkins, University of Delaware


    "Naseem Jamnia is a gifted editor. [They] copy edited two of my books. [Their] work is meticulous, and [they are] highly respectful toward the writer's style, as well as the integrity of the original work. I highly recommend [them] as an editor." - Mojdeh Bayat, DePaul University

  • About Me

    I worked as scientist until the end of 2016, when I transitioned into full-time writing and editing. I loved my work, but in the end decided to pursue my passions in storytelling--whether mine or someone else's. I am dedicated to science communication and literacy, and will work with you to make your manuscript clear and accurate, no matter what the field.


    As a passionate teacher, I believe that editing is a two-way process. It is my job to teach you about what I'm doing and why, and your job to teach me about your style and what you need. I want you to come away from the editing experience feeling like a stronger, more confident writer, whether it's in regards to grammar, content, or something else.

    University of Chicago

    A.B. Biological Sciences, English and Creative Writing

    DePaul University

    M.S. Biological Sciences

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    To discuss your particular project or editing needs, feel free to email me or message me below!

    Currently located in Reno, NV
    Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm PST
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